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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#SpoonChallenge: Urban Landscape

In my part of the world, all roads lead  to Oklahoma City whose urban landscape is constantly changing. 

"Ode to the Spatula"

That ever present kitchen utensil . . . one that we cannot live without  . . . certainly deserves its own surface designs, don't you think?  This video clip features Spoonflower faux suede swatches printed with spatulas and coordinating designs.  "Ode to the Spatula"  Check it out on Spoonflower.

Friday, August 22, 2014

#SpoonChallenge: Cat

"Willow Blue" on Spoonflower

"Willow Blue" printed on Spoonflower cotton poplin
My newest collection on Spoonflower is "Willow Blue."  It's a small collection based on my stylized drawing of a willow tree.  I converted this drawing into a digital brush and stayed with a palette of three colors: white and two shades of blue.  The above picture shows Spoonflower 8x8 fabric swatches printed on cotton poplin.  This design is also available on gift wrap and wallpaper.