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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Large Mermaid Dollie Doll Plushie

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry featuring a mermaid dollie doll plushie I'd made for my youngest granddaughter.  The design is by Amy_G on Spoonflower.  I liked that design so much and my granddaughter loved her new dollie.  I asked Amy if she could size the mermaid to a yard's worth of fabric so that I could make a larger mermaid for my five year old granddaughter.  Amy did!  Here's a picture of the Large Mermaid Dollie Doll Plushie along with the original Mermaid Dollie Doll Plushie. (I bought another fat quarter with the original design. I'm going to tell my granddaughter that they are sisters.)

 A wonderful thing about Spoonflower is that the designers that you will find there are willing to resize a design if you ask.   There are links to both of the doll patterns posted above.  You need to look at Amy's pictures of the mermaids she has made with these patterns.  She really glams them up.

I also would like to point out that one of the reasons I felt okay about giving a mermaid to my youngest granddaughter who is one and still puts everything in her mouth is that all the design is on the doll itself.  There is nothing extra added -- no small pieces -- it's all in the art work.  The fabric is organic and the ink is water-based and eco friendly.  No added chemicals.

So original artwork printed on organic fabric with water based, eco friendly inks and dyes.  Doesn't get better than that.  Spoonflower . . . check it out!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Toy Airplanes

During Spoonflower's recent 2 for 1 fat quarter sale, I  kind of went nuts buying fat quarters of some of my favorite designs on Spoonflower.  One design I purchased a fat quarter of was "Little Toy Airplanes."  This design was created by a Spoonflower designer by the name of Tara McGowan.  She has many wonderful designs in her Spoonflower shop, artreedesigns

In addition to her fabric designs, Tara also writes and illustrates children's books.  One of her books, "It's a Full Moon Tonight," is illustrated with illustrations from Tara's fabric design.  It's a wonderful children's book.  My youngest grandson is going to receive a pillow made with "Little Toy Airplanes" printed on Spoonflower Kona cotton and the book, "It's a Full Moon Tonight," as a holiday gift.

Here are a couple of pictures of the pillow and the book:

The reverse side of the pillow is a section of a baby blanket of my youngest grandson's.  The colors coordinated with "Little Toy Airplanes" which was a happy accident.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spoonflower Gift Wrap is here

Yesterday evening FedEx came rolling into the driveway.   Our cats scrambled for cover. The sheep baaaad and baaad.   Buster, our dog, barked excitedly.  So did I.  Well, that last sentence isn't true, but I was excited because I knew it was the Spoonflower gift wrap.

A wrapped birthday gift for one of my grandsons.  This design may be viewed at my shop on Spoonflower.  In addition to gift wrap, this design is also available as fabric and wallpaper.

I initially ordered four rolls of Spoonflower gift wrap.  Each roll was in a plastic sleeve inside a long square box.  The four boxes were strapped together.

In one of my previous posts, I stated I thought the gift wrap was a bit pricey, but since actually working with it, this is $15 gift wrap.  It is fairly thick and has a slight gloss to it.  Colors print well on the gift wrap.  When shopping online at Spoonflower, what one sees on the computer monitor is what one will receive. Just click on the gift wrap button and look at the preview.  The gift wrap will look exactly like the preview you see on the computer monitor.

I love paper and once I held the gift wrap in my hands, I started thinking about other things that could be done with the gift wrap.  One is limited only by the imagination.  Of course, the easiest thing to do, after wrapping a gift, is to make an envelope.  The link below will take you to my photostream on Flickr where I've posted a brief clip on how to make an envelope from Spoonflower Gift Wrap.

How to make an envelope from Spoonflower Gift Wrap

One Spoonflower designer has done a design featuring different styles of picture frames on a white background.  This kind of design on gift wrap or even wall paper brings a host of ideas to mind.  A child could use it to post his or her favorite stickers, it could even be used as a table runner at family gatherings.  People could doodle within the frames while they visit.

Another Spoonflower designer has done a beautiful design in red and gold which lends itself well to the holiday season. 

And if you want to test your children's reading abilities, see if they notice this design wrapped around their gift. 

All kinds of designs are on Spoonflower.  If you don't believe me, think of a design you would like to see on fabric and type in the word on Spoonflower's search box.  Something will come up and the design will be on fabric, wallpaper, decals, and now gift wrap.  How cool is that?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spoonflower is selling gift wrap paper designed by indie designers!

Yesterday afternoon, as I was looking at designs on Spoonflower, I noticed a small package option down on the right hand side of the viewing window.  "Special Holiday Item.  Buy this design on Gift Wrap."  I clicked and there was one of my designs made viewable as gift wrap!  Oh, the excitement.  I looked through my designs and decided on four designs that would work as gift wrap all through the year, not for just the holiday season.  The wrapping paper is a little pricey at $15 a roll but you get a generous amount of gift wrap: 36" wide by 6 feet long.  Plus it's a little pricey because either you design your own wrapping paper or you can choose one of the wonderful designs available through indie designers on Spoonflower.

Here is one of my designs that can be purchased as gift wrap paper: "Happy Birthday to You!"  All of my designs on sale in my  shop can be purchased as gift wrap. 

Now, for the holiday season, you have the option of purchasing fabric to make gift bags or buying wrapping paper with designs that won't be found anywhere else except Spoonflower!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween is coming!

Spoonflower is a great place to shop for unique designs printed on fabric, wallpaper, and decals.  I've purchased fabric with designs created by women in Canada, Australia, and in the USA, Texas, California, and Wisconsin. 

Halloween is coming and I have 6 grandchildren.  For this upcoming Halloween season, I made six book bags from fabric designed by a lady in Canada and one mermaid dollie doll and five treat bags from fabrics designed by a lady in California.  Three of the book bags, two of the treat bags, and one Mermaid Dollie Doll are shown below.

The fabric for the book bags can be viewed in Bluevelvet's Spoonflower shop

Amy_G's designs "Skully Spider" and "Mermaid Dollie Doll" can be found on Spoonflower also.

Spoonflower -- check it out.

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Only the Cat Saw" Quilted!


Zigzag cheater quilt design by Deborah Astley, printed on
Spoonflower Kona cotton, and quilted by Gail Bush and her
crew at Quilts by Gail in Chickasha, OK.

My entry in Spoonflower's last cheater quilt contest, which featured zigzags, was "Only the Cat Saw."  My design used casual zigzags taken from my "Blue River Stalactites" design and from the colors used in my "Circus Sky" collection, both on Spoonflower.  I ordered one yard of "Only the Cat Saw" and one yard of "Blue River Stalactites" both printed on Spoonflower Kona cotton.

I decided that, even though in my little dream world in which I live half of the time where all things get completed and come out looking great, I would take these two yards of fabric to a quilt shop in downtown Chickasha, Oklahoma, and see if maybe the ladies there would do the quilt for me so I could give it to my youngest granddaughter.

Chickasha is a small city about 26 miles to the north of us.  It's home to a wonderful liberal arts university, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, from which our two children graduated.  The university is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In downtown Chickasha, in the old Petroleum building, (constructed in 1907 -- the year of Oklahoma's statehood) on the corner of Fourth Street and Chickasha Avenue, is a quilt shop on the second floor:  Quilts by Gail.   More about her shop can be found here.  More current information about Gail's shop along with a picture of "Only the Cat Saw" can be found on Facebook.

The quilt shop had a hushed silence because of all of the beautiful bolts of cloth lining the walls and filling the floor space.   Also covering the walls were completed quilts, quilts that took my breath away and made my mouth drop open so that I looked quite the fool.

I showed Gail, the owner of the shop, my two yards of fabric and asked if her shop would make a crib quilt for me.  I know nothing about quilts, just that they are beautiful works of art which are also useful, which adds another layer of beauty to them.  Gail explained that the backing for the quilt needs to be larger than the front piece.  I had brought her two equal pieces of cloth.  So we looked for a trim fabric for the quilt.  I chose a bluish gray random stripe pattern for the binding - I felt it went along with the zigzag theme of the quilt.  Then Gail got out three large binders of quilting patterns to thumb through.  We finally decided on a random quilt pattern with geometric shapes.  Gail said light gray thread would probably work the best with my design.   I chose a lightweight 80/20 batting.

I also told her about Spoonflower.  She had never heard of Spoonflower.  When I write a proper thank you note to her, I will include my card which has Spoonflower's web address printed on it.

Yesterday morning the phone call came.  The quilt was ready.  Oh, I was so excited.  The young  woman I had talked to the first time I visited approached me with a big smile and the quilt.  She had done the binding.  The quilt turned out wonderfully.

Here is what I learned about the quilting process:  quilting fabric gives it life.  There is a design on the fabric, but the quilting factor adds another dimension, and the fabric design is enhanced.

So, to all you quilters out there, my hat is off to you.  What talent.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Mermaid and the Grumpy Old Moon

Sometimes when I'm photographing a finished project or fabric or wallpaper swatches, a story will start building as I click, click, click, focusing on the images.  That very thing happened this afternoon when I was photographing Ms. Mermaid Dollie Doll, a cut and sew fabric design by Amy_G on Spoonflower.

So, here's the story about the Mermaid and the Grumpy Old Moon.

Every month, when the moon was in his waning phase, he would grow sad and grumpy because soon he knew no one would notice him.  To human eyes, he disappeared from the night sky.  Really it was the Earth's fault, blocking him like that.  The humans noticed him shrinking smaller and smaller until he seemed to have disappeared.

To make  him feel better, Ms Mermaid Dollie Doll would wave to the moon and he would reach down and pick her up and place her in the night sky next to him and they would talk the night away.

Ms. Mermaid Dollie Doll would tell the moon about the latest news from the depths of the oceans. And the moon would tell Ms. Mermaid Dollie Doll about the odd things he had witnessed from the night sky and there were plenty.

After the visit was over, the moon would gently place Ms. Mermaid Dollie Doll back in the ocean and she would swim away.  And the moon would rise back into the night sky knowing that at least someone would remember him when he did his monthly disappearance.